Join Bassmaster Elite Series Pro and Bassmaster Opens Champion, Bob Downey, in an exciting on-the-water class as he unravels the secrets of the Neko Rig. This highly effective technique has taken the fishing world by storm, luring in even the most pressured fish with ease.

Get ready to gear up like a pro! Bob reveals the perfect rod, reel, and line combination that will turn you into an unstoppable Neko Rig angler. With a strong belief in VMC products, he showcases their top-notch Neko hooks, weights, crossover pliers, and bands, ensuring you have the ultimate setup for success.

Rigging the Neko correctly is essential, and Bob leaves no stone unturned as he walks you through the process to maximize fishability and hookups.

Discover the versatility of the Neko Rig as Bob shares his insights on when, where, and how to fish it. You'll learn its superiority over the popular wacky rig, making it a must-have technique in your fishing arsenal.

Prepare for an action-packed on-the-water experience as Bob demonstrates the Neko Rig's power by attacking deep docks and landing an impressive largemouth bass. Witness first hand why the Neko Rig is a game-changer and why you need to add it to your fishing repertoire.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from a true finesse fishing master. Join Bob Downey in "Neko Rig Bass Fishing Magic" a Bass University exclusive on the water class.

Neko Rig Bass Fishing Class Chapters

  • 0:05: History of Neko Rig
  • 1:00: Neko Rig Setup
  • 2:30: Bait Selection for Neko Rigging
  • 3:05: Weight Selection
  • 3:41: Neko Rigging
  • 7:05: Where to fish a Neko Rig
  • 8:15: Fishing a Neko Rig around Docks
  • 11:00: Fish Catch 
  • 12:30: Crossover Bands
  • 13:20: Versatility of Neko Rigs
  • 15:00: Fishing Different Depths


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