Finesse Soft Plastics for Ned Rigs - Mueller

Bassmaster Elite Series champion Paul Mueller joins The Bass University in this bass fishing video interview to talk about Ned rigging. Paul shares some of his favorite baits for this technique and other tackle he uses to get a good finesse presentation.

  • 0:24 A Finesse fishing tournament is Paul Mueller's type of fishing
  • 1:49 Finesse fishing with the Ned rig and new bait variations
  • 4:11 Tungsten jighead for ned rig fishing and the importance of wire gauge on the hook
  • 4:59 Craw-style bait that's good for certain times of year on the Ned rig, the Reins Ring Craw
  • 6:58 The line Paul Mueller uses to fish a Ned rig
  • 8:34 Is there a time to NOT fish a Ned rig?

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