FLW Tour pro bass fishing tournament angler Kurt Dove joins The Bass University to talk about Ned rigs and power fishing soft plastics. Kurt talks about selecting the right Ned rig jighead weight for the conditions, and not overworking the bait. He also discusses times when fish are NOT looking for a smaller bait and when you might find yourself catching them on a 14" soft plastic.

  • 0:34 Kurt Dove discussing the 2019 FLW Tour
  • 1:26 Youth camp for young anglers
  • 4:09 The Ned rig's versatility
  • 5:54 What's the best quality of the Ned Rig for beginners?'
  • 7:03 Fishing a Ned rig
  • 8:21 Why the Ned rig works so well
  • 8:55 Choosing a weight size for your Ned rig jighead
  • 12:41 Some power-fishing, tournament-winning, big-bass-catching bigger baits - Getting dialed into the right soft plastic size and hooks
  • 17:09 Selecting a weight for your soft plastic rig
  • 18:52 Bass are terretorial

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