JT Kenney is on the water to talk about the tackle he uses and demonstrate how to fish the Mag Ned rig, which is an upscaled Ned rig, using the Nichols JT Magnum Ned Rig Jig Head. If you've ever wanted to be able to fish the Ned rig, but were wary of the light tackle and ultra thin wire hooks that come on most Ned rig jig heads, you'll want to hear more about what JT Kenney has to say about the Mag Ned rig in this bass fishing instructional video that was recorded in Florida.

  • 0:19 What is a Mag Ned rig?
  • 1:14 Why not fish a regular Ned rig?
  • 2:59 Rigging a Mag Ned rig jig head
  • 4:27 Tackle JT Kenney uses to fish the Mag Ned rig (jig head, rod, reel, line & stick worm)
  • 6:32 Where are the best places to fish this rig?
  • 8:15 Why do fish bite this rig over other finesse presentations?
  • 10:09 Hooksets using this larger hook in a Ned rig
  • 12:11 How JT Kenney likes to fish a Mag Ned rig
  • 13:52 Fishing demonstration - where the Mag Ned rig really shines
  • 15:57 When does JT Kenney go to the Mag Ned head?
  • 17:39 Cold front fishing in Florida
  • 20:14 Fishing demonstration - how to fish the Mag Ned rig
  • 23:04 Advantage of JT's hookset for the Mag Ned rig
  • 24:41 Fishing demonstration - JT Kenney sets the hook on a fish to demonstrate the hookset

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