There are few baits that catch fish like a Ned Rig. This midwestern finesse tactic took the bass fishing world by storm several years ago, so it’s no surprise that kayak anglers have picked it up as well. Ryan Lambert, a seasoned angler, considers it a tried and true method that catches a ton of bass, especially on high-pressured fisheries. In this on-the-water class, Lambert shares his expertise on fishing the Ned Rig and offers valuable tips for kayak bass anglers.

The Ned Rig is essentially a shortened stickbait rigged on a mushroom-style jig head with an exposed hook. This technique gained popularity due to its effectiveness in catching large numbers of fish in pressured areas. Lambert considers it one of his go-to tactics for catching bass.

For his Ned Rig setup, Lambert prefers a 6’10” medium action spinning rod equipped with 20lb braid and a 10lb fluorocarbon leader. The choice of the jig head is crucial, and Lambert adapts the size and style based on the prevailing conditions and fishing location.

When it comes to presentation, there are multiple techniques to work the bait effectively, but one aspect remains crucial – maintaining bottom contact. Lambert alternates between hopping and dragging the bait, although he also acknowledges the effectiveness of swimming the bait just above the bottom.

In addition to the Ned Rig specifics, Lambert covers various other topics in his seminar. He provides insights on positioning the kayak for optimal fishing, utilizing forward-facing sonar to improve your fishing experience, and making informed decisions about the amount of gear to bring.

By following Lambert's guidance, anglers can gain a comprehensive understanding of Ned Rig fishing, maximize their chances of success, and enhance their overall kayak fishing skills.

  • 0:50 Different Baits To Ned Rig
  • 1:10 Ned Rig Line Setup
  • 1:15 How To Pick The Right Ned Head
  • 2:00 How To Select The Right Rod And Reel For Ned Rigs
  • 2:30 On The Water Ned Rig Fishing With Ryan Lambert
  • 3:35 How to Fish A Ned Rig In A Kayak
  • 4:55 How To Use Electronics On A Kayak
  • 7:20 Different Ways To Present A Ned Rig
  • 10:25 How To Decide What Size Ned Head
  • 12:55 How To Stand In A Kayak
  • 21:30 Deciding How Much Gear To Bring
  • 25:50 How To Fish Ned Rigs Around Docks
  • 28:00 How to Fish Ned Rigs Around Laydowns

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