Major League Fishing Bass Pro Tour Angler Josh Bertrand joins Bass University on the water to talk about two of the new FFS series baits from Berkley, the Krej and Finisher.

Josh talks about how he fishes both of these baits and where they will fit into your fishing arsenal. These new baits from Berkley are designed for fishing with FFS and are a unique category of baits. 

Josh breaks down the gear he uses for these new baits and any upgrades or modifications he makes to the Krej and Finisher. Josh demonstrates how he fishes these baits with live scope in this on-the-water class.

Join Bass University and MLF Pro Josh Bertrand in this on-the-water class breaking down the new FFS baits from Berkley. 

Forward Facing Sonar Baits Class Chapters

  • 0:14: NEW FFS Techniques
  • 2:10: Berkley Finisher Review
  • 10:37: Berkley Krej Review
  • 17:25: Treble Hook Selection
  • 19:05: New Techniques are Complementary
  • 20:59: Fishing the Berkley Krej
  • 24:48: Recap

Josh Bertrand Forward-Facing Sonar Baits Class Summary

  • MLF BPT Pro Josh Bertrand teams up with Bass University to discuss two new FFS series baits by Berkley: the Krej and Finisher.
  • Josh shares insights on how he fishes with these baits, especially designed for FFS.
  • Learn about the gear Josh uses for these baits, tweaks or improvements he makes, and see how he employs them with LiveScope in this on-the-water class.

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