Josh prefers to search for schools of bass over trying to find isolated bass. Josh breaks down what he looks for when targeting schooling bass. We also get to hear Bertrand explain what needs to happen when you find that magical school of giants.  Josh will discuss baits to use to fire up the school and why it is so important to make your decisions fast!

  • 0:21 Why Josh prefers schooling fish over isolated fish
  • 3:18 When do bass school?
  • 5:18 Going into the depths
  • 6:55 Shallow water schooling fish
  • 8:30 How to find schools of fish and what to look for
  • 10:08 How to find schools of fish down deep
  • 11:28 What do schools look like on the graph?
  • 11:47 Watch for signs of schooling fish
  • 13:00 Know the difference to keep you sane
  • 13:48 Just make one bite, and it’s on!!
  • 16:25 Big ones bite first
  • 18:25 Keep them going, timing is key
  • 19:53 Sonar screen shot
  • 24:39 Why panoptix is key to finding schools
  • 30:14 What do bass look like on sonar?
  • 34:12 What baits Josh recommends

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