Josh Roller joined Pete Gluszek at The Bassmaster Classic to discuss the idea, execution and success of The site is a great tool to sell new or used ready-to-fish bass boats or purchase a tournament-ready rig from a specific manufacturer or geographic location. Sell your boat quickly and efficiently or search their inventory for the boat of your dreams.

  • 0:18 Bass University partnership with
  • 1:21 About & history
  • 4:47 Listing fees as of March 2022
  • 5:29 One time fee until it sales - half-a-day or 90 days, doesn't matter
  • 6:30 What's going on with bass boat inventory?
  • 7:21 Is there a market for tournament-used older boats?
  • 10:03 How many graphs on an average boat?
  • 11:32 'Never Give Up' encouragement from Ike
  • 13:04 How did get started?

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