When the fishing gets tough many anglers reach for a finesse worm or whatever technique they feel most confident in. One bait that can excel more than others in those scenarios is a spybait. This finesse sinking prop bait offers a lifelike presentation to help target pressure and suspended fish. In this seminar, Josh Bertrand explains how the finesse hard bait isn’t just for target smallmouth. Bertrand highlights his favorite gear and method for using a spybait in his arsenal to catch heavily pressured bass.

  • 2:00 What Is A Spybait?
  • 3:50 Why Throw A Spybait?
  • 9:15 Is It Only For Smallmouth?
  • 12:10 Choosing Your Spybait
  • 15:15 Best Spybait Setup
  • 23:05 How To Retrieve A Spybait
  • 29:25 Tips For Targeting Smallmouth
  • 30:20 Fishing For Spotted Bass
  • 32:30 Spybaits For Largemouth
  • 37:00 Forward Facing Sonar
  • 37:45 When To Leave It In The Box

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