Major League Fishing bass tournament pro Josh Bertrand sits down with Pete Gluszek to talk about spybaiting and the introduction of Berkley's spybait, which is available in some unique colors, as well as a slow sinking variation. Josh talks about the misconceptions about the small hooks not catching and holding big fish and spybaits not being good for largemouth bass. Learn what tackle Josh uses to fish spybaits and places where a spinbait is playing a part in winning tournaments.

  • 0:17 Bass University instructor and MLF bass fishing pro Josh Bertrand
  • 0:47 Different way to fish spybaits
  • 2:27 The best time to learn how to fish a spybait
  • 4:48 This is a bait for smallmouth and largemouth (and spotted bass)
  • 5:55 What a surprising situation where the spybait outperformed another finesse technique?
  • 8:41 Josh Bertrand talks about the regular sink and slow slink versions of Berkley's new spybait the Berkley SPY Spinbait
  • 12:30 Tackle for fishing a spybait
  • 17:24 Colors of the Berkley SPY Spinbait
  • 21:24 Spybaits can win tournaments on Champlain, Thousand Islands and St Clair
  • 23:56 Angler's Happy Hour Fishing podcast with Josh Bertrand, Rob Vanderkooi, and Nic McMurry

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