Clear Water Bass Fishing - Josh Bertrand

Clear Water Bass Fishing - Josh Bertrand


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Josh Bertrand has been fishing the Bassmaster Elite Series since 2013, and some of his favorite fishing is up north in the Great Lakes. In part, because Josh loves catching big 4lb smallmouth consistently, and the Great Lakes is a prime location to land those big smallies. In this seminar, Josh Bertrand will help you catch more clear water bass by explaining these key concepts:

  • Identifying clear, stained and muddy water
  • Praparing for fishing clear water (rods, reels, line, boat prepartaion)
  • Techniques for being stealthy with your boat to avoid spooking fish
  • Pro tips on avoiding boat noise throughout the fishing day
  • Locating bass in a clear water lake
  • Matching the hatch and bait selection for clear water
  • When to take an aggressive approach and when to finesse them
  • Ways to get bites with baits that don't looks as natural
  • Josh's favorite lines and knots for clear water applications and techniques

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Priceless, it has helped me catch more fish on the water and improved my tournament fishing.
- Steven C