Great Lakes Smallmouth can be some of the trickiest – and most fun – fish to catch in the entire country. While finesse tactics are often leaned on heavily in the clear waters, it’s often the smaller details that can make a big difference. In this video, Fletcher Shryock breaks down his two favorite techniques for targeting smallies – tubes and drop shots. While each are key components to his arsenal, they both play very different roles. Shryock highlights his choice of gear and how to present each bait, and also explores how both can be used with your electronics. 

  • 1:20 Selecting A Drop Shot Rod
  • 2:45 Finding The Right Reel
  • 3:40 Best Line For Drop Shotting
  • 10:00 Connecting Braid To Flurocarbon
  • 11:00 How To Choose A Drop Shot Hook
  • 13:00 Properly Rigging A Drop Shot
  • 18:00 Weight Sizes
  • 19:00 Best Drop Shot Baits
  • 24:00 Tube Fishing Gear
  • 28:55 Tube Jig Heads
  • 30:25 How To Fish A Tube
  • 32:40 Drop Shot Presentation
  • 35:20 Using Your Electronics To Catch Smallmouth

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