In this digitally remastered bass fishing video seminar, Fletcher Shryock was in Ohio to talk about his go-to ways to catch tournament bass, flipping and pitching. These two techniques allow Fletcher to make precision casts and be stealthy and efficient using tackle that allows him to get a good hooksets and keep fish moving toward the boat. Learn why you don't need a broomstick rod to flip and pitch, why a faster reel is not always better, the best hook & knot for solid hooksets, why tungsten is better and not really a higher expense in the long run. These tips and more in this Fletcher Shryock bass fishing class on flipping and pitching.

  • 0:41 Flipping and pitching is the thing to do to catch tournament bass
  • 1:11 If you don't like to learn or research, just throw a Johnson Beetle Spin
  • 3:08 The flipping & pitching techniques
  • 5:40 Boat positioning, being stealthy and fishing targets when flipping & pitching
  • 9:20 Correct bass fishing tackle for flipping and pitching (rod, reel, line, hook & weight)
  • 34:25 Pegging weights
  • 37:59 Sizes of weights
  • 40:53 One of Fletcher's favorite flipping & pitching baits
  • 46:00 Bait color selection
  • 48:41 Hooksets when flipping and pitching

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