Topwater Frog Fishing - Fletcher Shryock

Elite Series angler Fletcher Shryock talks about one of his favorite baits, frogs. In this seminar, Fletcher covers the equipment use and techniques to know when fishing a buzzfrog or a hollow-body. Fletcher goes to the frog to imitate a surprising number of bass targets. Fletcher answers these important questions about bass fishing with frogs:

  • What if we don't have frogs in my local lake? Should I still fish frogs?
  • When I'm fishing a frog, am I only going to catch bass in heavy cover?
  • Why fish a hollow-bodied frog over another topwater bait?
  • What are the best water and weather conditions to fish a frog?
  • What water depths or cover should I be looking for?
  • How can I keep from spooking bass when my lure hits the water?
  • What's the line and best knot for fishing this bait?
  • How does Fletcher Shryock modify his frog?
  • How do I get a good hook set on single and double hook baits?
  • How much difference do colors make in selecting a lure?

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