Some lakes, particularly in Florida, have mucky bottoms and the root balls of lily pads make great hard places for bass to make beds. In this bass fishing video class seminar, Bryan New talks about the tackle you need and the technique to use to blind fish beds in lily pads. Firstly, you want to determine if the conditions are right and identify an area where the bass will spawn. Having the right tackle and familiarizing yourself with it will allow you to fish efficiently and know when you have bites. Bryan also shares tips on how he fishes in a few different conditions, shares some extra tips that will get your more bites, and a few tips on what NOT to do when bed fishing for bass in lily pads. 

  • 0:27 Why blind bed fish lily pads?
  • 1:26 What conditions and places you're looking for when bed fishing lily pads
  • 9:52 How to blind bed fish for bass
  • 13:08 Bryan New's tackle for blind bed fishing in lily pads
  • 14:22 Bass that get tangled up in the root ball, how do you get them out without losing the fish?
  • 15:21 Bullet weights for bed fishing in pads and when to make changes or go weightless
  • 18:51 Bryan New's hook and bait/lure for lily pad fishing bass on beds
  • 20:19 How Bryan New fishes lily pads for spawning bass
  • 22:40 Bryan New's pro tips for blind bed fishing (beyond the basics)
  • 28:40 Things to NOT do when bed fishing lily pads root balls for bass (don't let your fish die, how to keep your fish alive)
  • 32:49 Dealing with muck on your line, bait or hook when bed fishing in the pads
  • 34:21 Pads and temperature
  • 35:37 Power-poles with wind at your back (do they muddy the water in front of you?)
  • 37:04 Using a push pole for this technique
  • 37:38 Knowing when it's time to move up to the next level of tournament bass fishing
  • 39:42 Friendship with other successful tournament anglers
  • 41:25 When weather dictates bailing out of a bed fishing strategy and how to adjust

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