Bass fishing tournament angler Kurt Dove is on the water to talk about the highly versatile technique of Texas rig soft plastic fishing. Texas rigging is a rigging techtnique that can be used for pitching, flipping, punching, dock fishing & open water casting and so many other applications. In this 18-minute bass fishing instructional video, Kurt will answer the following questions about the Texas rig.

  • What is the Texas rig and what tackle components do I use?
  • What lures or baits am I going to use when Texas rigging?
  • How do I pair my bait with the correct type of hook?
  • Why might someone use a straight-shank hook, like the Hayabusa FPP Straight Worm Hooks?
  • What's the most important part to remember when rigging the Texas rig?
  • What is texposed or "skin hooking"?
  • What is an EWG hook, and when would I use it?

Mr. Dove also talks about his rod, reel and line setup for Texas rig fishing, including: somewhere aroun a 7:1 gear ratio casting reel, fluorocarbon fishing line, medium heavy rod & more! Kurt explains why he prefers a faster reel and why you should leave 5.3:1 gear ratio reels in the locker when fishing the Texas rig, what to do with your line when facing a clear water scenario and why a medium heavy rod is important when Texas rig fishing for bass.

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