Jerkbait fishing is often only viewed as a cold-water technique for catching bass. This technique can actually be used all year to help you put more fish in the boat. In this seminar, Kurt Dove breaks down how he fishes a jerkbait, including some of the minor details of the bait that are often overlooked. Dove focuses on suspending jerkbaits, which will pause in the middle of the water column without floating to the surface the way many crankbaits would. Dove says two of the most important factors in jerkbait fishing are to have the right line and rod. A light enough line will allow the bait to dive deeper, and having the right length and action rod will make twitching and jerking the bait all day much easier. Dove also provides his tips and tricks for different retrieves to utilize, how to set the hook, and how to land a fish on a jerkbait – which can be difficult when compared to other lures. He talks about how largemouth and smallmouth differ in the summer. He discusses the areas that are key for locating smallmouth bass and the depths to target with the bait. Kurt shares the details about casting and working the bait back to the boat in ways that attract bass and generate bites from fish, including a tip that Kurt reports is a Bass University TV exclusive. He goes on to discuss the importance of the pause length in warmer and colder water situations. Kurt reviews the hookset technique and ensuring that you get your fish landed in the boat. Kurt Dove also talks about landing the fish. Does he swing them in and what other ways does he land bass on this treble-hooked bait?

  • 0:45 Jerkbait Fishing In Various Water Clarity
  • 1:35 Different Types Of Jerkbaits
  • 2:30 Selecting The Right Line For Jerkbait Fishing
  • 2:50 Selecting The Right Rod And Reel For Jerkbait Fishing
  • 4:40 Understanding Conditions To Fish Jerkbaits
  • 7:00 Importance Of Jerkbait Components
  • 8:20 Understanding Different Jerkbait Actions
  • 10:50 Post-Spawn Jerkbait Fishing
  • 11:40 Fall Jerkbait Fishing
  • 13:40 Winter Jerkbait Fishing
  • 15:20 On The Water Jerkbait Fishing With Kurt Dove
  • 15:55 How To Retrieve A Jerkbait
  • 21:50 How To Set The Hook On a Jerkbait
  • 24:55 How To Land A Fish On a Jerkbait

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