Pete Gluszek loves to fish soft plastic stick baits, and his paramount confidence bait is a Yamamoto Senko. In this remastered bass fishing class video seminar, "The Dean of The Bass University" shares some of his favorite rigging techniques, what makes the Yamamoto senko special, tackle for fishing a soft plastic stick bait and more. If you're looking for a great power/finesse bait that can be fished from the top to the bottom of the water column, in heavy cover and in open water, watch this bass fishing instructional video on senkos.

  • 0:12 A revolutionary bait that changed the way a lot of people fished : the senko
  • 2:28 The senko is an incredible bait
  • 4:43 Where did the senko come from? Who invented the senko?
  • 5:34 The senko looked stupid, it doesn't DO anything!
  • 7:38 The magic of the senko
  • 8:57 Best time of year to fish a soft plastic stick bait
  • 9:40 The only time a slow-falling senko won't catch fish well
  • 10:24 Soft plastic stick bait rigging (using a o-ring to save baits)
  • 12:59 On second thought, the senko DOES DO something
  • 14:02 How to fish a soft plastic stick bait
  • 15:59 Revenge Flippin' Wacker (no longer available at Tackle Warehouse)
  • 18:33 Shakey head soft plastic stick bait
  • 22:54 Texas rigging a soft plastic stick bait
  • 25:52 Flipping & punching with a senko
  • 27:45 A tournament-winning technique
  • 29:48 Best conditions for fishing a senko
  • 30:57 Senko as a follow-up bait
  • 34:48 Tackle and equipment for fishing a soft plastic stick bait
  • 40:16 Senko sizes and colors
  • 43:16 Questions & answers about fishing senkos for bass

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