Jesse Wiggins is fishing his 3rd seasons on the professional tournament trail, this year with Major League Fishing. He credits most of his success and his ability to be a professional angler to the shakey head. In this bass fishing class, you will learn:

  • 2:00 Jesse Wiggins's shaky head tackle setup 95% of the time (rods, reels, line, hooks, jig, worms and more)
  • 10:30 Fishing a shaky head worm, and what a lot of people are doing wrong
  • 16:40 Slider head rig tackle & when to use this finesse approach instead of the traditional shaky head
  • 20:45 The ned rig tackle, also when and how to fish the ned rig
  • 36:35 Question and answer time with Bassmaster Elite Series tournament angler Jesse Wiggins on finesse fishing techniques

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