Jesse Wiggins is about to load up his boat and go fishing on Smith Lake in Alabama for some spawning spotted bass. In some lakes in the country, spotted bass can win tournaments and targeting spotted bass you can't see on likely spawning cover you can see is a great way to catch some big spotted bass in the Spring. In this video, Jesse covers his favorite 2 rigs for fishing for spotted bass on the beds as well as the tackle he uses for each. Then Jesse heads out on the lake to find some prime spots and demonstrates how he casts to the area, ensures a good presentation, explains when to set the hook and how to set the hook on bass that are moving off the bed with your lure.

  • 0:22 Overview of spawning spotted bass fishing
  • 1:01 Jesse Wiggins favorite rig & tackle to catch spawning spots
  • 3:42 Another great rig for spawning spotted bass
  • 5:22 Where spotted bass spawn & how to fish for them
  • 8:03 Finding spotted bass spawning spots on gps mapping
  • 9:54 How to fish areas that you think have spotted bass
  • 10:50 Jesse Wiggins favorite soft plastic colors
  • 11:18 Main line to leader knot
  • 12:42 Spawning spotted bass on Smith Lake, Alabama
  • 15:24 Exhausting the spawning bass in an area
  • 16:18 Saving time with ActiveTarget
  • 17:20 Fishing a prime spot where a bed should be
  • 22:08 Catching fish that are still roaming in the Spring
  • 24:14 When to set the hook
  • 25:16 Fishing a flick shake worm for spawning spots
  • 27:23 Fishing around dock cables
  • 28:26 Flick Shake Worm vs Flick Shake Head
  • 29:52 Remember to retie fishing around rock
  • 30:58 Prime spawning places on a bluff wall
  • 33:54 Getting a good presentation on spotted bass beds
  • 38:54 When time is not critical in catching spotted bass
  • 39:58 Is stealth crucial when spotted bass bed fishing?
  • 42:48 Spawning bite vs bite any other time
  • 44:01 Why do bass bite soft plastic worms?

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