In the Spring, during the spawn and when bass are guarding fry, it's a great time to catch bass on topwater and baits that are just barely subsurface. Jesse Wiggins likes a popper bait and a wakebait the best. Watch this on the water bass fishing class and learn the tackle that Jesse uses to fish these baits, places he likes to fish when bass are on beds and guarding fry, and follow up baits for when bass reveal their location, but miss the bait.

  • 0:19 Great techniques around the spawn
  • 0:43 Wakebaits generate ferocious bites
  • 1:18 Tackle setup for wakebait fishing
  • 2:32 Where to fish a wakebait around the spawn
  • 4:24 Topwater poppers in the Spring
  • 5:34 Why fish the popper over the wakebait?
  • 6:35 Why fish a wakebait in the Spring?
  • 7:38 Targeting spawning fish with a wakebait & popper
  • 18:14 When a spawning bass misses your topwater bait
  • 21:17 Why do they bite the popper well when spawning?
  • 26:25 Concentrating on fishing the wakebait
  • 33:27 Upsizing your wakebait
  • 34:38 Targeting a laydown with a popper
  • 36:40 More wakebait bass fishing for spawners
  • 39:05 Finishing up with the popper

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