2018 Bassmaster Elite Series Angler Matt Herren joined The Bass University for the first time as an instructor in Gadsden, Alabama. Matt is a long-time bass tournament angler who has been fishing the Elite Series since 2009 and BASS invitationals since 1994! Matt spent many of his formative years fishing rivers and empounded river lakes. During that time, he learned a great deal about bass and their spawn seasonal migration habits. Primarily, Herren discusses largemouth bass and spotted bass and where to target each species throughout the season. Part of successful fishing is getting the first bite, then you need to analyze "Why?". Matt talks about the questions to ask, using maps, dissecting a creek channels and more. Matt also shares a simple tip, but one you may not want to hear, about how to locate the best north-facing banks.

Matt talks about going after spotted bass with the Shakey Head with a Dirty Jigs Shakey Jig Head and Reaction Innovations Pocket Rocket and how it's a dynamite bait in the pre-spawn. Matt also share some other bait recommendations for targeting spotted bass, including what size jig and trailer he likes to fish, and his thoughts on spinnerbaits and lipless crankbaits. He also discusses the importance of lure selection. Which is more important in selecting the right jig? color selection or weight? Matt talks about what to consider in selecting your bait for spotted bass fishing success.

Matt also answers some student questions:

  • How do you like to position your boat and what direction/location do you like to fish a seam for spotted bass?
  • How do you fish when the power plant isn't producing current?
  • What shape of head, between ball head and football head, do you like to fish most on a shakey head rig?
  • What about fishing for smallmouth? What baits do you use and what areas do you target? Do they setup more like largemouth or spotted bass in pre-spawn?
  • EWG of straight-shank hook for fishing soft plastics?
  • When fishing seams, are you trying to keep your bait in contact with the bottom, or keep the lure moving through the current?
  • How do you effectively present a bait in an area with heavy current and floating debris?

Matt talks in-depth about he flips, modifies, rigs and catches bass with a Reaction Innovations Sweet Beaver, which is one of Herren's favorite baits to pitch and flip into cover.

If you want to learn more about the pre-spawn transition, we recommend Pre Spawn & Post Spawn Staging Areas and Pre-Spawn Power Tactics and Water Temperature. If you're interested in learning more about river fishing, we recommend Bass Fishing Current & Rivers and River Bass Fishing All Year.

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