Bass Fishing Current & Rivers - Gluszek
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Bass Fishing Current & Rivers - Gluszek


Want to learn how to fish for bass in current? Current is an important component in fishing and is available in varying degrees on every lake, pond and river. One of the most important things about current is that it congregates fish in predictable locations. Every body of water will have some sort of movement in the water, always try to use it to your benefit when fishing. In this bass fishing video, Bassmaster Open champion Pete Gluszek helps you identify where and how the fish will setup when the water is moving. Pete loves to attack moving current, when possible, with a Squarebill Crankbait.

Want to learn more about fishing river current? You'll want to also watch Pete's  on the water bass fishing video Tidal River Smallmouth Bass Fishing and FLW pro Wesley Strader's River Bass Fishing All Year.

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