Bassmaster Elite Series angler Matt Herren returned to The Bass University in Gadsden, AL to discuss an old school bait, that many anglers have put away, and many young anglers have never thrown. Proven fish-catchers, balsa baits have often been displaced by plastic-bodied plugs in the modern tackle box. Learn why you should carry some in this 47-minute bass fishing educational class seminar video.

  • 1:00 Why has there been a decline in basla bait availability?
  • 1:41 Making a balsa bait and what makes each bait special (and more expensive)
  • 8:00 Seasonal considerations for fishing balsa baits (Pro tip for fishing spring and fall balsa baits)
  • 11:19 Different balsa crankbaits and when to fish them
  • 17:50 Balsa topwater baits and when they shine
  • 23:48 Making more complex balsa baits and what they means compared to plastics
  • 26:19 Rod, reel & line for fishing balsa baits
  • 32:04 Matt Herren's advice for being a better bass fisherman
  • 33:18 Balsa bait question & answer

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