Dock fishing is easily overlooked by a lot of anglers. While some consider it backup plan to catch fish if their main pattern falls through, some see an opportunity to put big bags in the boat. In this seminar, Matt Herren breaks down his various approaches to fishing docks during each time of year. Herren goes in-depth on techniques, boat positioning, and how to most effectively fish docks to put yourself in the best position to catch bass. 

  • 2:45 Breaking Down Docks
  • 6:00 Breaking Down A Lake
  • 7:00 Pre-Spawn Largemouth On Docks
  • 10:00 Most Important Thing About Fishing Docks
  • 12:00 Best Months To Fish Docks
  • 14:20 Establishing Patterns
  • 17:20 Electronics
  • 18:40 Go-To Baits
  • 21:50 Shakey Head Setup
  • 23:00 Chatterbait Gear
  • 24:40 Jig Fishing
  • 27:00 Spinnerbaits For Shad Bite
  • 31:30 Buzzbait
  • 32:25 Shad Spawn
  • 36:40 Fishing Docks In The Fall
  • 38:00 How Should You Approach A Dock?
  • 40:00 What To Look For In Early Spring
  • 41:35 Should You Make Contact With Docks?
  • 42:50 How To Scan Docks With Electronics

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