Do you know when you should fish a spinnerbait over a Chatterbait? While many anglers lump the two baits into the same category, they each offer their own unique pros and cons. In this class, kayak angler Drew Gregory breaks down each bait and offers his tips and tricks on how to fish them.

For Gregory, the Chatterbait offers a well-designed bait for skipping that can allow him to target larger fish. Like many other anglers, Gregory believes selecting the right trailer is one of the most important factors when fishing a Chatterbait, especially when looking for a bigger bite. Paddle-tail style trailers result in more water displaced and lift the bait higher in the water column, whereas straight-tail trailers will allow the bait to stay deeper during the retrieve. Typically, Gregory opts for a 4-5 inch trailer to give the bait a larger profile in the water.

On the other hand, the spinnerbait mimics a smaller school of baitfish, which Gregory says can result in catching more, but smaller fish. One of the benefits of a spinnerbait, though, is the customization options. Gregory offers some of his favorite modifications, including changing out the blades and adding a second skirt to increase the profile.

While the Chatterbait is better for skipping, the spinnerbait excels when it comes to fishing around wood because it’s less likely to get hung up. While both baits serve different purposes, they both deserve a spot in anyone’s box.

  • 2:00 How To Select A Chatterbait Trailer
  • 4:40 How To Rig A Trailer On A Chatterbait
  • 7:25 Importance Of Pre-Rigging Before A Tournament
  • 13:00 Rig Setups To Match Your Fishing Style
  • 16:10 Determining The Right Rod Length
  • 19:00 Fishing Your Strengths
  • 21:15 When To Throw A Spinnerbait Over Chatterbait
  • 26:45 Tips For Spinnerbait Modifications
  • 33:55 Generating Reaction Strikes
  • 37:45 Selecting Your Bait Based On Structure
  • 38:40 On The Water Fishing Spinnerbaits And Chatterbaits From a Kayak
  • 49:25 How To Position Your Kayak For Better Casting

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