Have you included the jig in your kayak fishing arsenal? Jig fishing is one of the best ways to target larger fish, but the technique is especially helpful when fishing from a kayak. "In my style, I'm getting my kayak into places where there are unpressured fish, and in general they will just bite the traditional straight-up jig," said Drew Gregory. "You don't need anything complicated, or that's time-consuming to rig." The simplicity of jig fishing is something Gregory especially appreciates. He says he typically only carries two colors – brown/orange and black/blue. One area for debate around jig fishing is the best line for the job. While many anglers prefer fluorocarbon due to its lack of visibility in the water, Gregory opts for braided line. While it’s much more visible, he says he doesn’t believe it has impacted his ability to get bites, and it allows him to be more confident when setting the hook and fishing in thick cover. When it comes specifically to kayak fishing, Gregory offers his insight on how to cast, set the hook, and fish a jig to help you catch more fish on the water.  

  • 2:25 Why You Should Use Jigs Over Soft Plastics
  • 4:40 Braid Vs. Fluorocarbon For Jig Fishing
  • 5:30 Best Rod For Kayak Jig Fishing
  • 8:20 Types Of Jig Modifications And Trailers
  • 13:55 How To Pick The Right Jig
  • 15:58 Importance Of Fishing To Your Strengths
  • 18:40 How To Pick The Right Reel
  • 20:20 On The Water Jig Fishing With Drew Gregory
  • 32:45 Tips For Casting In A Kayak

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