Finding unpressured fish is every angler's dream. Explore overlooked areas and unlock the potential of untouched fishing grounds. Join The Bass University as we dive into the exciting world of kayak fishing less accessible places with renowned angler Drew Gregory in his on-water kayak fishing class. With a focus on accessing hard-to-reach places that traditional bass boats can't venture into, Gregory shares invaluable insights and techniques to help anglers improve their casting angles and maximize their success.

In the opening moments of the class, Drew Gregory's philosophy on kayak fishing is revealed, setting the tone for the lessons to come. With years of experience under his belt, Gregory's expertise shines through in detailing the advantages of accessing unpressured waters that are only available to kayak anglers.

One area where kayaks excel, particularly in casting angles, is overhanging trees. Gregory addresses how he approaches overhangs and other shoreline cover, providing tips and tricks to conquer these areas with finesse. Gregory also demonstrates how to take advantage of the unique capabilities of a kayak. Discover how to navigate tight spaces and present your bait effectively to entice bass hiding around docks and other cover. Enjoy the freedom and flexibility that a kayak provides, allowing you to explore waters that are inaccessible to larger boats.

Ambush feeders present a unique opportunity for kayak anglers, and Gregory sheds light on fishing for them. Uncover the secrets of enticing bass lying in wait for their prey and learn how to adapt your tactics to maximize success.

Join Drew Gregory on this enlightening kayak fishing journey and elevate your angling skills to new heights. From mastering challenging spots to finding uncharted waters, this on-water kayak fishing class is your gateway to a whole new world of fishing possibilities.

Kayak Fishing Unpressured Bass & Making Good Casts Chapters

  • 0:30 Drew Gregory's Philosophy on Kayak Fishing
  • 5:18 Difficult Spots Under Overhanging Trees
  • 10:50 Making Spinnerbait Blade Changes
  • 16:05 Fan Casting in Search Mode Tip
  • 17:35 Hooking and Landing Fish on a Kayak
  • 19:33 Positioning Kayaks & Casting Around Docks
  • 22:07 Fishing For Ambush Feeders Around Targets
  • 23:38 Finding Unpressured Fish with a Kayak
  • 27:43 Take Advantage of What a Kayak Can Do

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