Topwater & Spoon Jackin' Boat Docks - James Watson

Topwater & Spoon Jackin' Boat Docks - James Watson

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James Watson taugh a bass fishing class seminar on topwater bass fishing in Kokomo, Indiana earlier this year. When he opened the floor to questions, he also got pretty in-depth about spoon jackin' boat docks with the River2Sea James Watson Worldwide Spoon. These 2 techniques constitute James Watson's favorite ways to catch bass. In this 30-minute class, James Watson will talk about the tackle he uses to fish topwater lures, when he fishes various topwater baits, including the River2Sea Whopper Plopper, and the conditions he's looking for to have a good topwater bass fishing day. James also dispells some myths about topwater fishing, for instance, you can only catch fish on topwater lures in the morning.

After opening up to taking questions from the floor, James provides an in-depth answer to a question about spoon jackin' boat docks. James talks about the spoon he helped design, the tackle he uses to fish it (and not lose $10 spoons), the right conditions for it, catching doubles and more.

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Priceless, it has helped me catch more fish on the water and improved my tournament fishing.
- Steven C