Whopper Plopper Topwater Ploppin' Life - Watson


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Whopper Plopper Topwater Ploppin' Life - Watson


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Yesterday, we released James Watson's interview on spoon jackin', as he joked, he's known for one other thing, fishing a Whopper Plopper. In this 37-minute bass fishing class, James Watson is here to share seasonal secrets for fishing a Whopper Plopper (and other topwater baits). He talks about where to fish them at different times of year, what to look for and the tackle you'll need to catch bass effectively on these baits.

  • 0:19 Water temperature for fishing topwater
  • 0:34 How to work a River2Sea Whopper Plopper topwater bait
  • 0:56 Springtime topwater fishing and where to fish
  • 2:32 Postspawn transition and open water topwater & wake bait fishing
  • 8:38 Another great topwater lure that James preferred before the Whopper Plopper came along (and when James still fishes it)
  • 11:17 A great way to skip buzzbaits
  • 12:58 Topwater fishing and what to look for in the fall/autumn transition
  • 20:17 Rod (Cashion Elite Flipping Rod 7'6" Heavy), reel and line for topwater bass fishing
  • 26:54 Preferred water color for topwater bass fishing
  • 28:48 Any modifications to Whopper Plopper and story about original Whopper Ploppers
  • 31:05 What hook for fishing toads

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