Prepare For Fishing Like a Tournament Pro - James Elam

Prepare For Fishing Like a Tournament Pro - James Elam


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James Elam joined The Bass University in Tulsa, OK to talk about an important topic for everyone from the weekend angler to the top-level tournament pros, preparation. When you're out there fishing, you want to be able to concetrate on fishing, not mechanical or electrical issues on the boat, not the drag being set right on your reel, or not having enough line. In this bass fishing instructional video seminar, you will learn:

  • 1:34 Why preparation is key and how to start developing a system that works for you
  • 4:06 Lake research : maps you'll want, things to look for, analyzing the weather, boat ramps, etc.
  • 6:02 Maintaining your equipment : how to prepare your boat, tackle and tow vehicle for a fishing trip
  • 8:55 Outfitting yourself for the conditions
  • 10:10 Boat preparation for a day of fishing or a fishing tournament
  • 13:17 List of recommended tools to have on the boat (Why do I need Mountain Dew?)
  • 16:48 Preparing for a tournament (tournament practice)
  • 19:19 How to be ready when it really counts
  • 20:39 Preparing physically for fishing and tournament fishing
  • 22:54 Offseason (winter) preparation, what to do when you're snowed in
  • 23:30 Visualize success
  • 24:04 Being prepared for fishing adversity
  • 25:36 Taking a break from fishing
  • 26:23 MLF Format
  • Question and Answer
    • 28:13 What Phoenix boat/Mercury outboard does James Elam fish from?
    • 28:39 What boat was James Elam fishing before Phoenix and what are the differences?
    • 29:39 Tips for tackle preparation
    • 31:39 Boat electonics preparation
    • 33:07 MLF format questions (sectioning off the lakes/different lakes)
    • 37:22 Practice style for tournaments (catch the fish? how many do you catch?)
    • 40:20 James Elam's prepartion for his first MLF event, and do competitors with MLF experience have an advantage?
    • 43:43 TH Marine Hydrowave?

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To everyone at Bass University, Thank you guys for all that you do! I signed up for a yearly subscription last year and learned so much from all of the seminars. It was so convenient to find seminars on every topic all in one place. Without Bass University I was always searching the internet to find out new tips and techniques but this really simplified things. I really appreciate you bringing this wealth of knowledge to us anglers so thanks again!
- Scott B.