Professional angler Dakota Ebare from Major League Fishing's Bass Pro Tour teams up with The Bass University to deliver an information-packed seminar aimed at helping you become a more prepared angler on tournament day. 

Dakota, who's been a longtime subscriber to Bass University, now shares his expertise to assist you in becoming a better angler. In this seminar, he delves into the world of tournament preparation, breaking it down into key elements like studying maps, practicing for tournaments, and adopting the right mindset. Dakota also emphasizes the importance of being organized with your fishing gear and staying properly hydrated while out on the water.

This seminar covers all aspects of tournament preparation, just as the title suggests: "Perfect Preparation." Join Dakota and The Bass University to fine-tune your tournament readiness and improve your skills in approaching new bodies of water.

Preparing for Bass Fishing Tournaments Class Chapters

  • 0:10: Bass Fishing Class Introduction
  • 5:00: Bass Tournament Preparation 
  • 10:30: Map Study 
  • 12:19: Dedication 
  • 14:50: Tournament Practice 
  • 18:35: Dock Talk
  • 20:46: Waypoints 
  • 24:11: Rhythm of the Lake
  • 25:50: Bass Fishing Gear Preparation 
  • 32:20: Keep an Open Mind 
  • 32:56: Recap 

This bass fishing seminar answers questions like: How can I catch more fish in bass fishing tournaments? What's the right way to approach map study and tournament practice? Why is staying organized and hydrated important to my bass fishing success? Dakota shares tips, tactics and suggestions on all things tournament prep, from waypoints to the rhythm of the lake. Get ready to fine-tune your skills and tackle new fishing spots like a pro!

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