Bassmaster Elite Series professional tournament angler and Oklahoma St. University Alumnus James Elam joined The Bass University in Tulsa, Oklahoma to talk about fishing mid-depth. Elam starts off this 50-minute bass fishing video with a primer on the general mentality of fising, general rules or guidelines to keep in mind to both enjoy bass fishing and to be successful. He highlights things like, "Fishing is supposed to be fun" and "No 2 days are the same", along with about 10 other important observations to keep in mind that will help you be a better bass angler. Elam goes on to explain how to mentally approach your trip out fishing, particularly on a new lake. Learn what questions to ask yourself about the cover and conditions when you approach a new lake. Is the cover deep or shallow? Is the water clear or muddy? What is the season? Elam offers several questions to ask about a new body of water before going bass fishing.

Use These Shortcuts to Skip to Main Mid-Depth Bass Fishing Topics:

  • 3:00 - Mental approach
  • 7:55 - Approaching a lake
  • 10:55 - Overview of the mid-depth approach
  • 13:40 - The best time to go mid-depth
  • 15:30 - Springtime
  • 18:45 - Summertime
  • 20:45 - Fall / Autumn
  • 22:55 - Winter
  • 25:40 - Things to look for

Mid-Depth Bass Fishing

Many anglers start really shallow or really deep, but the 5-12ft. zone is often overlooked. James Elam talks about the best places to find this mid-depth zone and what conditions & seasons he recommends for fishing this depth zone. He breaks down each season and shares some bait recommendations. He also teaches you what to look for: underwater points, rock piles, isolated cover and more. Lastly, Elam talks about some success that he's had fishing mid-depth ranges during his tournament career, including the baits he used and some sonar screenshots and examples of what to look for when fishing these depths.

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