In this Bass University Remastered with Bassmaster Elite Series Champion James Elam, he shares valuable insights on flipping and pitching cover, two techniques widely used in bass fishing. Elam emphasizes that these techniques can be applied in various locations and under different conditions, making them versatile and effective.

Flipping and pitching involves targeting specific areas of cover, such as vegetation, wood, or rocks, where bass are likely to seek shelter or feed. These techniques require a more hands-on approach, often involving close-quarters combat with the fish.

Elam discusses the different types of cover you may encounter when fishing in shallow water, as well as the potential for using these techniques in deeper water if there is sufficient grass growth. Understanding the specific cover and its characteristics on your particular lake is crucial for successful flipping and pitching.

Furthermore, Elam delves into the gear required for this technique. He talks about the importance of selecting the right weight sizes depending on the type of cover you're fishing, as well as his preferred line choice. Additionally, he shares his favorite hooks for flipping and pitching and highlights his preferred Molix soft plastics, which can be effective in enticing bass to bite.

While fishing, Elam also discusses other techniques that can help determine whether the bass are present in shallow or deeper cover. By employing various strategies and analyzing the fish's behavior, anglers can develop patterns and increase their chances of catching bass consistently.

Whether you're an experienced angler or new to flipping and pitching, this Bass University Remastered with James Elam provides valuable information on the techniques, gear selection, and strategies needed to excel in this aspect of bass fishing.

Flipping & Pitching Bass Fishing Techniques Chapters

  • 0:10-Introduction
  • 1:20-Shallow Water Cover
  • 5:50-Gear for Flipping
  • 12:05-Flipping a Jig
  • 13:00-Gear Ratio is Key
  • 14:15-Lighter Flipping Setups
  • 16:45-Key Baits and Colors
  • 19:56-James Approach
  • 22:18-On the Water
  • 26:00-Picking Apart Wood Cover
  • 29:06-Throwing a Frog
  • 33:15-Targeting Offshore Cover with a Spinnerbait
  • 36:00-Flipping a Jig in Cover

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