In this bass fishing instructional video seminar on flipping & pitching, Randall Tharp discusses the mechanics and places to conduct your business in-depth. Learn the proper way to pitch, not scare off fish, get bites and set the hook. Randall Tharp goes on to talk about areas he targets with a flipping/pitching setup, like: grass, docks, trees and more. Check out this fully-remastered bass fishing class that will help you catch more big bass that are hiding in high percentage areas.

  • 0:13 Now that you have the right tackle from Randall Tharp's Flipping & Pitching Tackle
  • 2:44 Why pitching is so effective and efficient
  • 4:13 Getting the quitest lure entry into the water when pitching and the "surprise bite"
  • 7:10 How you want your bait to fall once it enters the water and rate of fall
  • 10:22 Getting the right rod position to get a good hookset
  • 14:40 Setting the hook on the bass
  • 17:41 Reel drag settings
  • 20:53 Fishing matted cover (could be vegetation, but anything that makes a canopy)
  • 23:31 Fishing deep grass and what to do to get bites
  • 27:28 It's easy to get paid fishing docks, learn how Randall Tharp breaks down a dock
  • 36:02 Laydown trees and how to approach them
  • 39:04 Flipping and pitching in bushes
  • 43:00 How long to spend on a dock
  • 44:43 How to fish the back of a creek vs the back of a cove

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