Randall Tharp was at a Bass University class early in his fishing, when he heard Denny Brauer talk about flipping and pitching. Randall Tharp has been hooked on the technique ever since. He's won a lot of money and dedicated a lot of time to zeroing in on the right tackle for flipping and pitching in different situations. Learn when to use bigger, stiffer rods, learn when to use fluorocarbon over braid, learn when to fish a wide gap hook instead of a straight shank flipping hook, learn the best baits for flipping and pitching and more in this 1hr+ bass fishing instructional video seminar.

  • 0:43 Randall Tharp's bass fishing background and how his relationship with flipping and pitching
  • 2:29 Do you want to catch a few average-sized bass, or do you want to catch big bass?
  • 3:46 Flipping vs pitching, what technique are we really talking about?
  • 5:40 Why and where is pitching effective?
  • 6:54 Overview of flipping & pitching bass fishing tackle
  • 7:44 Highlight from Tharp's first big win in Florida
  • 11:03 Flipping and Pitching tackle
  • 31:09 Never use a leader when you're flipping
  • 33:15 Using a marker on braided line
  • 35:24 When to replace braided line
  • 38:05 How far do you fill a baitcaster spool when flipping?
  • 38:40 Zebra mussels and braided line
  • 39:23 Baits for flipping & pitching
  • 54:49 Pegging a weight when pitching
  • 59:54 Rigging a soft plastic onto a straight shank flipping hook
  • 1:05:06 Wear and tear on your body from pitching and flipping all day
  • 1:06:20 Scent on baits

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