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Jamie Hartman 2nd Place Cherokee Lake

Tournament bass anglers Pete Gluszek and Joe Sancho talk about the warming weather trend and great sponsor product giveaways for PRO subscribers. They go on to talk about the incredible start for Jamie Hartman's rookie season and talk about their own rookie season experiences and new challenges, particularly with finances and sponsorships. Jamie Hartman joins via Skype to talk about his rookie experience on the Bassmaster Elite Series tournament trail and his first tournament on Cherokee Lake, and his upcoming Bassmaster tournament on Cherokee. Hartman shares about competing against other top-level anglers, and the professionalism of the competition. He also talks about his approach to fishing Cherokee, locating fish, selecting his bait, catching fish with his Lowrance sonar electronics and managing his fish through the 4-day tournament. Lastly, Hartman shares some tips for getting deep smallmouth to bite.

Randall Tharp 8th Place Cherokee Lake

Pete and Joe welcome Bass University instructor Randall Tharp to talk about how he finished in the top 12, doing something different than the rest of the anglers in the tournament, fishing a jig, primarily for largemouth. Tharp talks about coming prepared to fish 6lb line & damiki rigs, but how he was thankful to be able to do well with a jig and heavy tackle. Tharp talks about where the fish were, why he believed they were there and why he believes the jig outperformed the crankbait in those same locations on Cherokee Lake.

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