John Murray is a West Coast anger that relocated to the Tennessee around some TVA reservoirs several years ago. Since moving there, he's been introduced to some of the popular finesse techniques from that area, tight lining and the damiki rig. Just like West Coast finesse techniques, Murray discovered that those techniques may have been developed in those areas, but those aren't the only places they work. Basically, these 2 finesse techniques will work anywhere you have small shiny baitfish, and better if they roam around over deep water, even better still if they die off in the cold water. In this bass fishing class video seminar, John Murray discusses the origins of damiki rigging and tight lining, the baits, jigheads, rods, reels & line he uses and how he fishes them. John shares some tips about using electronics, scent and making changes to get more bites.

  • 0:21 Where a technique is developed doesn't determine where it's effective. Where do the damiki rig and tight lining work?
  • 4:28 How the damiki rig developed and how does it work
  • 6:15 Tight lining history and how it works
  • 7:45 Damiki rig jigheads and baits
  • 9:20 Rigging a damiki rig
  • 12:19 Tightlining jigheads and baits
  • 14:14 Tackle for these light line techniques
  • 17:29 How to fish a damiki rig
  • 22:59 John Murray offers a tip on something he uses all the time when damiki rigging and tight lining
  • 28:34 Importance of jighead style
  • 30:08 Ideal temperature for tight lining
  • 31:06 How clear does the water need to be for a damiki rig or tight lining?
  • 31:57 2d sonar settings for these finesse techniques
  • 33:13 What species of bass are these techniques for?
  • 34:18 Boot tail swimbaits for tight lining?
  • 35:15 How far to keep bait off the bottom when tight lining
  • 36:34 What are you seeing on the sonar and what are you targeting on the sonar when fishing these techniques?
  • 38:53 What to do when bass won't commit to a bait

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