Forward-Facing sonar, like Humminbird MEGA Live, Garmin Panotpix Livescope & Lowrance ActiveTarget, has changed the way anglers think about – and pursue – finding and catching bass. While some are opposed to the technique of “video game fishing”, many are using the technological advancement to take their skills to the next level. Forward-facing sonar allows anglers to see what’s happening around their boat in real-time, and even watch how fish interact with their bait. This ability is what has led anglers like Bassmaster’s Bryan Schmitt to dedicate a lot of his trips to locating fish on his Garmin Livescope unit. 

In this seminar, Schmitt explains how to use forward-facing sonar to catch more fish. Schmitt also highlights how to use finesse techniques like the drop shot and neko rig to effectively target fish at various depths. One of the more challenging aspects of targeting fish on forward-facing sonar can be identifying exactly what type of fish you’re chasing. Schmitt goes into detail on how largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted bass can all be targeted differently and how to catch them.

  • 0:40 What Is Forward-Facing Sonar?
  • 3:00 Using Forward-Facing Sonar On Single Fish vs. Groups
  • 6:00 How To Fish A Drop Shot For Smallmouth
  • 11:30 How To Fish A Drop Shot For Largemouth
  • 15:00 How To Fish A Neko Rig with Livescope
  • 18:50 How To Fish A Swimbait with Livescope
  • 21:50 Understanding Largemouth Bass
  • 23:50 Understanding Spotted Bass
  • 31:10 Neko Rig vs. Drop Shot
  • 37:00 Does The Livescope Transducer Scare Fish?

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