Bassmaster Elite Series Pro and Champion Bryan Schmitt teams up with Bass University to share his expertise on forward-facing sonar (commonly known as Livescope).

Bryan's enthusiasm for FFS makes it one of his preferred fishing methods. He dives into the specifics of the baits and setups he relies on when using Livescope to target fish. However, using this technology isn't a straightforward "cast and catch" scenario. Bryan demonstrates the need for a variety of bait rotations to entice the bass visible on his FFS to bite.

If you're keen on discovering the nuanced tips and undisclosed strategies for utilizing Livescope effectively, consider joining Bryan Schmitt and Bass University in this on-the-water session dedicated to dissecting all things related to Forward Facing Sonar.

Bryan Schmitt's LiveScope Bass Fishing Class Chapters

  • 0:14: Introduction: FFS
  • 1:55: Baits and Setups 
  • 9:45: Targeting Fish with FFS 
  • 22:00: Patterning Fish with FFS
  • 32:00: 2D Sonar 
  • 33:38: Identifying Fish Tight to Bottom 
  • 37:45: Rotation is Key

Learn How to Catch Bass with LiveScope Forward-Facing Sonar

  • How can I become a pro at Livescope forward-facing sonar bass fishing?
  • What insights does Bass Pro Bryan Schmitt share about forward-facing sonar (FFS) for bass fishing?
  • What are the specific baits, setups, and strategies for targeting and enticing bass using Livescope?
  • Why is rotation crucial when using FFS?
  • What tips and undisclosed FFS strategies can I learn from Bryan Schmitt and Bass University in this on-the-water session?

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