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Bassmaster Clent Davis joins The Bass University for an in-depth class on brush piles. Soup to nuts, Clent covers: Making brush piles, finding other people's brush piles, baits for fishing brush piles (Spring, Summer & Fall), lining up to fish a brush pile (and why forward-facing sonar is a must),
After his first year fishing the Bassmaster Open, Oliver Ngy is happy to be back home and get his tackle in order. During the process, he takes some time to join us on The Bass University LIVE to talk about the 2021 season and the upcoming season. Oliver shares loads
Mike "Ike" Iaconelli is back hoofing it around a local lake in search of excellent bank fishing opportunities. In this on the water bass fishing class, Iaconelli discusses target identification, or the process of selecting fishy places to make casts. This is the lake that Mike Iaconelli researched previously, so
JT Kenney spent a lot of time fishing the Potomac River before moving to Florida. But those areas have at least one thing in common, they have lots of grass. In this remastered bass fishing class seminar video, which was recorded in the Northeast during the winter, JT Kenney shares
In this on the water bass fishing class, Brandon Cobb talks about when he fishes a buzzbait (with a horny toad) and when he fishes a Texas-rigged horny toad. Both are topwater power fishing lures, but Brandon uses slightly different tackle for each and has some tips on when to
Finesse swimbait bass fishing is a hot versatile clear water technique. A small boot tail swimbait is a great choice for a variety a tough fishing situations: very clear water, suspended bass, high pressure situations, etc. It's also extrememly versatile, so you don't have to constantly switch baits with fishing
After the post-spawn feed up, as summer approaches, a good number of bass move offshore to their summering holes. In this bass fishing instructional video class seminar, Lee Livesay shares his approach to locating bass offshore using his Lakemaster maps on his 
Major League Fishing bass tournament pro Josh Bertrand sits down with Pete Gluszek to talk about spybaiting and the introduction of Berkley's spybait, which is available in some unique colors, as well as a slow sinking variation. Josh talks about the misconceptions about the small hooks not catching and holding
Scott Martin has a few lures he really likes to fish in Florida, one is a lipless crankbait. Obviously, this type of baits, which include Yo-Zuri Rattl'n Vibes & Bill Lewis Rat-L-Traps, will catch fish all over the country. In this remastered bass fishing
Bassmaster Elite Series tournament bass fishing angler Harvey Horne sits down with The Bass University's Pete Gluszek to discuss an often overlooked bait, the wake bait. Learn why this slightly subsurface bait triggers wolfpacks of bass to attack, which bait Harvey fishes, the shape of his favorite Spro wake bait,
In this remastered bass fishing video class seminar, Pete Gluszek talks about how to adjust to changing conditions. These condition changes could be one or a combination of many things, including: weather frontal systems, rain, rising & falling water, fishing pressure, current changes, and more! Learn how Pete Gluszek adjusts
You can plan a fishing trip, but you can't control the weather. Sometimes rains can bring in muddy water that can change your entire gameplan for fishing a body of water. There are advantages to muddy water though. In this bass fishing class seminar video, presented by Bassmaster Elite Series
From the Livingston Pro Ripper to the Old Bill Lewis Rat-L-Trap, Randy Howell loves to fish lipless crankbaits. If there's no ice on the water, it's rarely too cold to catch them on a lipless crankbait, and it's never too
Harvey Horne's early bass fishing tournament success came out of aluminum boat, fishing shallow backwater areas. When he moved to a fiberglass boat, he was unable to fish some of his favorite areas as comfortably because of how the boat sat in the water and concerns about the hull. Horne
Scent was certainly big this season when the bass fishing tournament trails went up North around the smallmouth bass. Pete Gluszek sits down with Mark Sexton to find out why MaxScent is so effective, and if it's effective for other species of bass. Learn how MaxScent disperses scent, how scent
Professional bass angler Mike Iaconelli is on the water ready to teach you some tips and tricks about fishing a suspending jerkbait, like the Rapala Shadow Rap Jerkbaits. Ike will go over: the equipment he uses to fish this bait, varying retrieves for different seasons
Drew Benton has years of experience and has learned from other veteran anglers' decades of experience fishing river current. Like other current-fishing enthusiasts, you'll often find Drew Benton making his way up some of the gnarliest river and creek channels to get to an out-of-the-way place to fish out of
Mike McClelland is well-known as a jerkbait fisherman. Growing up, he liked to tinker with Smithwick Rogues and other jerkbaits of the time, adding weight, changing hooks and split rings to get the right buoyancy and action. Since that time, Mike has designed a series of (4) SPRO
You can't always run around your favorite spot with the trolling motor on 70+ slinging your favorite search bait and catch tournament-winning bass. Particularly on high-pressured lakes like Guntersville and Chickamauga. Sometimes you have to take a more stealthy approach. In this bass fishing class seminar video, Lee Livesay shares
Tod Castledine found an old bait that he made 1 cast with, then cut it off and forgot about it. Later, he smoked them with it, even though it was an "awful color". Now that bait is available from Strike King. It looks like a crankbait, and it's technically a
Bassmaster Elite Greg DiPalma, Epic Eric & Pete Gluszek are joined by Kevin Brightwell from KGB Swimbaits. It's time to discuss big baits and using them to catch big bass. Thanks to everyone who watched this swimbait fishing live show for a chance to win the $150 KGB Chad Shad swimbait! Be
In this remastered bass fishing video, George Cochran is recently retired and spilling the beans on the baits that he has confidence in. Sponsors aside, these are the baits, rods & line that George Cochran would buy from the store because they catch fish. Lots of companies make good baits,
Bass fishing docks with a crankbait is a lesson common approrach. Lots of guys with skip, flip & pitch other baits under and around docks, usually single-hook lures. But taking the chance of hanging up your double-treble lipped squarebill or shallow diver may be worth the effort and the risk.
In this instructional class seminar video, Bassmaster Classic champion Randy Howell talks about the exciting world of topwater bass fishing. From poppers to walking baits to buzz shad, Randy talks about some of his favorite tips, tactics and techniques for catching bass that are feeding on the surface. Randy begins