Bassmaster Kayak Series Angler of the Year Rus Snyders is teaming up with Bass University to provide an in-depth look at using forward-facing sonar (FFS), in this case, LiveScope, from a kayak. With a remarkable track record in kayak tournaments, Rus shares valuable insights into the specific baits and setups that have propelled his success using FFS on a kayak. He demonstrates the unique way he mounts his transducer on a kayak, distinct from the setup on a regular boat.

During the seminar, Rus delves into the strategic use of baits such as the Megabass Vision 110 jerkbait with LiveScope. Additionally, he discusses employing larger baits like swimbaits and Alabama rigs while utilizing FFS technology. One of his areas of expertise involves effectively fishing in shallow vegetation using FFS, and he details how to leverage this technology to explore and understand a fishing area when navigating with a kayak.

This seminar invites fishing enthusiasts to learn from Rus Sanders, the Bassmaster Kayak Angler of the Year, as he shares his expertise on making the most of Forward Facing Sonar technology in the realm of kayak fishing.

How to Use LiveScope on a Kayak Fishing Class Chapters

  • 0:30: Forward-Facing Sonar (LiveScope) Kayak Setup
  • 7:05: Live Sonar Top Baits Breakdown
  • 30:35: Utilizing FFS in Vegetation 
  • 33:10: Recap 

Covered in this LiveScope on a Kayak Class

  • How does Rus Snyders set up forward-facing sonar (FFS) on his kayak?
  • What are the specific baits and setups that Rus uses for success in kayak fishing with FFS, especially LiveScope?
  • What's the unique way Rus mounts his transducer on a kayak, how does it differ from a regular boat setup?
  • Which baits, does Rus recommend for LiveScope kayak fishing?
  • How does Rus use larger baits such as swimbaits and Alabama rigs with forward-facing sonar technology, like LiveScope?
  • What expertise does Rus share regarding effectively fishing in shallow vegetation with live sonar on a kayak?
  • How can anglers leverage live sonar technology to explore and understand a fishing area while kayaking?

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