Bassmaster Elite Series Pro John Soukup shares his expert tips on jerkbait fishing, a method that has helped him succeed in many tournaments and helped him qualify for the Bassmaster Elites.

In this session, John covers everything about jerkbaits, starting from the basics to some of his secret tips and techniques that will get you a few extra bites. He talks about color selection for jerkbaits and explains the setup he uses, including his fishing rod, reel, and line. John also discusses how he adapts his approach based on the different seasons when using a jerkbait to catch fish. With the introduction of new technology like forward-facing sonar (FFS), Soukup highlights how it has changed the way people view jerk bait fishing, proving that it's not just for cold water conditions.

If you're interested in improving your skills as a jerkbait fisherman, this seminar featuring Bassmaster Pro John Soukup is definitely worth watching.

Fishing with Jerkbaits and LiveScope All Year Chapters

What's Covered in This Seasonal Jerkbait Bass Fishing Class?

  • Aspects of jerkbait fishing from basics to advanced techniques
  • John Soukup's success with jerkbaits and qualification into the Bassmaster Elites
  • Specific details about jerkbait setup, color selection, and equipment
  • How does John Soukup adapt his approach to jerkbait fishing based on different seasons?
  • How has the introduction of forward-facing sonar (FFS), like LiveScope, changed the perception anglers have to of jerkbait fishing?

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