The Bass Tank's John Soukup, who won 2 of the first 3 NPFL inaugural season tourmnaments, joins Pete Gluszek to talk about his 2nd win on the Harris Chain of Lakes. John's second win was vastly different from his first. He attributes most of his success in this tournament to years of experience flipping grass near his home. Learn why he chose to flip a stick bait, why he wasn't fishing offshore in June, why he wasn't fishing braid in the grass, and what the heck metered line is.

  • 0:47 The winner of the 1st and 3rd NPFL tournaments, John Soukup, won them 2 very different ways
  • 3:48 Grass flipping the Harris Chain of Lakes
  • 5:34 Why were the fish up in Kissimmee grass and not offshore in this NPFL bass fishing tournament?
  • 9:38 John Soukup shares his practice and tournament approach on the Harris Chain
  • 14:17 John Soukup's rig for fishing Kissimmee grass on the Harris Chain of Lakes
  • 21:22 What is metered line from Sunline?
  • 26:40 John Soukup's approach to winning 2 of the first 3 NPFL tournaments
  • 28:07 Keep practice alive during the tournament
  • 28:56 What is The Bass Tank?

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