Forward-facing sonar has been changing the fishing industry for several years, but taking the time to truly harness its power isn’t something that can be done overnight. 

One of the technology’s greatest uses is just how much time it can save you while fishing.

“It's literally about catching, not just fishing,” said John Soukup. “It's been helping us understand the fish better and put more fish in the boat."

In this seminar, Soukup shares his story about being one of the first anglers to have access to Garmin’s original Pantoptix units and just how it has revolutionized the way he fishes. 

Instead of focusing on baits and techniques, Soukup focuses on how to best utilize forward-facing sonar to locate, chase, and catch more bass. 

He also talks a lot about one of the most common topics surrounding forward-facing sonar – the settings. Soukup says that while the gain setting is often one of the most popular to adjust to help you find your bait on screen easier, there are actually a lot of different things you do to help improve visibility – including changing the color palette of your screen. 

  • 1:25 Starting Out With Forward-Facing Sonar
  • 11:30 Adoption By Crappie Fishermen
  • 13:55 Tips For Forward-Facing Sonar
  • 26:15 Three Purposes Of Garmin Livescope
  • 26:50 What Is Garmin Livescope?
  • 36:00 How To Scan An Area For Fish
  • 40:00 Chasing A Single Fish
  • 49:25 How Often Should You Check Settings
  • 52:00 Importance Of Adjusting Gain Settings
  • 54:50 Selecting The Right Color Scheme
  • 1:04:50 Using Forward-Facing Sonar In A Kayak

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