Professional Angler Chad Pipkens, who competes on the Bassmaster Elite Series, has teamed up with Bass University to teach you how to discover the crucial locations where fish thrive, which he calls "Sweet Spots."

Chad begins by explaining what exactly a sweet spot is and where you can locate them. He uses images from his electronics to illustrate these significant areas and subtle differences that can harbor large bass.

Chad also shares insights on adapting to various fishing environments across the country. One key piece of advice he offers when exploring new waters is to keep things uncomplicated and not be overwhelmed.

While Chad often relies on advanced electronics to find sweet spots, he emphasizes that you don't always need high-end equipment. He began with basic 2D sonar on Lake Erie to locate the essential areas where bass reside throughout the year and hopes that you can achieve similar results with his tips and tricks.

You have the opportunity to learn from Chad Pipkens, an Elite Series angler, and Bass University, as they guide you in discovering the sweet spots on the next body of water you fish. 

Chad Pipkens Locating Bass Fishing Sweet Spots Class Chapters

  • 0:20: Identifying Sweet-Spots
  • 10:20: Adjusting to Different Fisheries 
  • 17:30: Spawning Season
  • 23:13: Start Simple
  • 24:55: Using Electronics to Find Key Areas

Looking for Answers To These Bass Fishing Questions?

  • What is a "Sweet Spot" in fishing, and why is it crucial for catching fish?
  • How does Chad Pipkens identify and locate these sweet spots using electronics?
  • What are the subtle differences in fishing locations that can harbor large bass?
  • How does Chad adapt to different fishing environments across the country?
  • What key advice does Chad offer for anglers exploring new waters?

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