Catching Bass with Sonar Electronics - Brent Ehrler

Catching Bass with Sonar Electronics - Brent Ehrler


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In this second sonar bass fishing instructional video seminar, conducted by Brent Ehrler, Brent discusses catching fish using your boat electronics. This seminar is a follow-up to Brent's first sonar video Sonar Bass Fishing - Brent Ehrler, which you may want to watch first. In this 54-minute bass fishing class, Brent will answer the following questions:

  • Where, when and how?
  • What are the water color considerations when sonar fishing?
  • How do I find productive off-shore locations?
  • How do I interpret what I'm seeing on my depth finder?
  • What baits should I be using when I'm able to make vertical lure presentations to bass?
  • How do I know if the schools of fish I see on my sonar are bass?
  • How can I tell of the bass are interested in my lure?
  • How do I use waypoints to best catch fish from schools throughout the day or tournament?
  • What is Brent Ehrler's favorite tackle setup for dropshot fishing, and spoon/ice jig fishing?
  • What knot should I use to join braid and fluorocarbon?

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I would like to mention that I'm really enjoying the videos. They are just packed with great information!
- Andy S.