Chad Morganthaler, like most anglers, didn't believe there were catchable bass in super deep water. Now his eyes are opened, and if he marks baitfish in 100ft+, you better believe he's going to investigate to see if there are bass nearby. In bass fishing, we traditionally think of depths like 20-30ft as being "deep". With newer and more advanced electronics, we're having an easier time locating schools of roaming baitfish that may not be relating to a specific piece of cover, but, what if, the bass are relating to the baitfish as cover?

  • 0:23 What is super deep water?
  • 2:28 Do fish caught in deep water die?
  • 3:09 First step to catching super deep bass
  • 6:07 Opens up a group of unpressured bass to fish for
  • 7:31 There's no oxygen that deep!
  • 9:49 What habitat are you fishing in 100ft of water?
  • 11:30 Suspended bass and fishing for them
  • 14:13 How do you find deep baitfish schools?
  • 19:07 The bass migration to the shallows schedule

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