Bass tournament champion Dave Mansue joins Bass University TV on the water to talk about spybaits or spinbaits, however you refer to this finesse hard plastic subsurface bait. Dave Mansue started this tournament year on Lake Amistad, a deep clear water lake. In the past, Dave fished a dropshot, but Dave believed their had to be a way to catch the bigger fish. During his research, Dave came across the spybait and he was really impressed and believed it could help him boat more and bigger bass in the tournament on Lake Amistad while the water was still cold.

In this bass fishing video, Dave is primarily talking about the Duo Realis Spinbait 80 Spybait, but much of this information is true for other spybaits and spinbaits. Mr. Mansue describes the action of this bait and compares it to other techniques you may be familiar with, like weightless senko fishing and wacky worming, in that the bait itself has a very seductive action as it falls through the water column. He describes how you fish the lure and how that action and presentation often presents an appetizing offering that bass just can't resist, particularly when the fish may otherwise be innactive or less active. One of the advantages of this bait is also that it's a great way to target suspended fish, which tournament anglers used to target with an umbrella rig, which is no longer legal on many tournament trails, and is also limited by laws in some areas.

Fishing this finesse technique requires some specific equipment for success, particularly with this light, small finesse lure. In this video, you will learn: fishing line type & size recommendations, rod length & action and more.

This is a relatively new technique (particularly outside the West Coast and Japan), and there are a lot of t opportunities for discovery, but the Dave talks about the most successful ways to present this lure to bass. You'll learn: when he's been most successful fishing it, where you want to cast this bait, how you want to retrieve it, detecting a bite and more!

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