Mike Iaconelli and Dave Manue are on the water for Bass University TV talking about hard and soft plastic swimbaits in this remastered bass fishing video. Join Mike and Dave and they break down why you should have a swimbait tied on most of the time. They talk about rigging soft plastics, and the other differences between hard and soft plastic baits. The anglers go on the water to talk about how they fish each bait and the tackle they use. Lastly, when to fish a swimbait.

  • 0:13 Overview of how swimbaiting evolved and what's covered in this on the water class
  • 1:30 Dave Mansue talks soft plastic swimbaits and how matching the hatch plays a part in selecting the right size/color on your local body of water
  • 3:19 Rigging soft plastic swimbaits like the Missile Baits Shockwave Swimbait
  • 5:41 Swimbaits are a great bait to catch a big fish / tournament kicker fish
  • 6:25 Hard plastic swimbaits with Mike Iaconelli (tight swimmers and glide baits)
  • 9:21 How to fish soft plastic swimbaits and the rod, reel & line
  • 13:28 The one negative about fishing swimbaits
  • 13:52 Tackle and technique for fishing a hard plastic swimbait
  • 15:43 Setting the hook when you get a bite on a hard plastic swimbait
  • 17:00 When to fish swimbaits for bass

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